Up to date... or not

Well... I have ghc 7.4.1. It may be that more recent versions of ghc do a better job of optimization; they're up to 7.6.something.

Bodhi Linux is based on LTS releases of Ubuntu, and it doesn't look like the 12.04 repositories have been keeping up. I'd hate to have to switch distributions to get the latest ghc, but it may come to that.

UPDATE: BWAHAHAHA! I thought that the more recent version was better because it was allocating half as much memory. It was, instead, that I had a 32-bit version in one case, 64-bit in the other. Now I get to decide whether to plow onward with Ubuntu 13.04, which I installed to get ghc 7.6.something but which is flaky in some respects, or drop back to Bodhi Linux.


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