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The Ubiquity of Kitsch, and Preachiness

It's February, and we're about to see Washington and Lincoln reduced to shilling for car and furniture outlets again. I can't help thinking that is the ultimate fate of rulers everywhere:
Two very good friends once went to Europe, and they brought me back a souvenir—a T-shirt with the standard issue cartoon image of a Viking and the caption "ERIK BLOODAXE RULES OK"I got to go to Japan once. I wound up with a coworker at the re-rebuilt Osaka Castle, still impressive even though it is not as large as the initial structure. Up on the third floor was the souvenir shop, where you could get Hideyoshi Toyotomi knicknacks.Caesar, of course, sells pizzas these days (but who'd buy a pizza with a spear hole through it?)As for King Tut, two words: Steve Martin. (Yes, I realize he was making fun of the marketing of Tutankhamen.) Sturgeon's Law ("90% of everything is crap") seems to apply particularly to Christian music. I think I know part of the reason.