Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fun with pattern matching

I just noticed that I did something almost without thinking.

I'm still being lazy about dealing with inputs. I haven't gotten around to using one of the many elegant parser packages that Haskell makes possible, and the Code Jam problems I've tried so far haven't required much more than skipping the leading line--kids, ask your grandparents about the card decks they would feed to their FORTRAN programs that started with a card that said how many sets of input values followed!--and handing back a list of values per line of input afterwards.

A particular Cookie Clicker Alpha input has three values, and so I passed cookieTime a list I knew would always have three elements, so that the pattern

cookieTime [farmCost, farmRate, goal] = ...

matches it and also splits out the elements of the list and binds them to names--just the way that introductory Haskell texts always mention that you could make yourself comfortable if you're used to languages that want parameter lists parenthesized by passing tuples, but you shouldn't. I will try to wean myself away from it.

A flashback and analogy

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