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Look and say sequence

If I don't already have the Haskell subreddit link over on the right, I'll add it ASAP.

This evening a Haskell beginner posted about some trouble he was having writing code to generate a particular sequence. I didn't catch on to the sequence he was going for, but I should have from a comment in his code:

enunBlock :: [Int] -> [Int] -- [2,2,2] -> [3,2] | [3] -> [1,3]

Someone did catch on, though, and asked "Are you trying to make a look and say sequence?" The poster said yes... and off to Wikipedia I went.

Said sequence starts 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, ... and the way you get the next term is to take the current one and sort of run-length encode it. The first term would be "one one", i.e. a run of ones of length one, so the second term is 11. That in turn would be described as "two ones", hence the third term is 21, or "one two, one one", giving 1211, and so on.

If each digit were on its own line, you could get the next term of …