Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting fed up...

Sigh. First streams, now matrices. The Ubuntu repositories don't have all the Haskell packages one would like. I guess it's going to come to removing the Ubuntu packages and building ghc and associated code myself or via.... [cue ominous music]... cabal.

I may combine that with a switch to Sabayon Linux, which will let me get back into Gentoo with minimal hassle, and also return to Enlightenment.

Once I can get the packages I want, it should be pretty easy to do Project Euler #11; the main trick for me is reading the input, and I think something like this should do the trick:

import qualified Data.Matrix as M
import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as B

parseLine :: B.ByteString -> [Int]
parseLine s = case B.parseInt s of
                Nothing      -> []
                Just (n, s') -> n : parseLine s'

main = do
         s <- getContents
         let m = M.fromLists $ map (parseLine . B.pack) (lines s)

and then it's just how to generate the contiguous portions of the matrix so I can find which one has the maximum product.

A flashback and analogy

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