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Someone has done this before...

Happened across it while looking for Haskell-related blogs to link to: from Derek Wyatt's blog, a post titled "Haskell sequence over functions -- explained" gives this example:

sequence [(> 4), (< 10), odd] 7

gives the result we would get from our wonkyMap with the same arguments:

[True, True, True]

What is this sequence?

:t sequence
sequence :: Monad m => [m a] -> m [a]

If m is a monad, then sequence will map a [m a] to a m [a].

So, our functions must have the type m a for some m and a. Let's inquire with ghci once again.

:t sequence [(> 4), (< 10), odd]
sequence [(> 4), (< 10), odd] :: Integral a => a -> [Bool]

Aha. That reminds me of the exercise in Typeclassopedia: show that (->) r is a functor.  (WTF? That's the type of functions that take an argument of type r.) Turns out that not only is it a functor, it's a monad; Typeclassopedia refers to it as the "reader monad".

Unfortunately, we have dueling definitions here. M…