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Flashback, Part Two

Last time we found that our program to count ways to make change, while much better than the engineering class's brute force nested DO loops, isn't up to snuff.

There is a better way, it turns out. If you look at the Rosetta Code entry for this problem, which they call "Count the Coins", you'll find a number of approaches. For Haskell, there are two. The first "naive" program is essentially what we wrote (save that there's no explicit case for a one-element list; it's a little less efficient, but the recalculation may well swamp that difference).

The other Haskell program takes a different approach:

count = foldr addCoin (1:repeat 0)
        where addCoin c oldlist = newlist
              where newlist = (take c oldlist) ++ zipWith (+) newlist (drop c oldlist)

and if you look at the main for the program,

main = do
    print (count [25,10,5,1] !! 100)

    print (count [100,50,25,10,5,1] !! 100000)

you see that count returns a list that one indexes by t…